65 Roses - A Sweet Story by Libby's Mom



The rose has been adopted as the national symbol for Cystic Fibrosis. There are many variations to the story, but the general idea is that a young child who overheard his mother discussing his disease could not pronounce it. Instead, he called it 65 Roses. It is a phrase that CF families have heard multiple times at various awareness and fundraising events. Libby has at least a dozen t-shirts with this slogan. After her first two dry runs for lungs, she asked me multiple times daily when I thought her time for lungs would come. It was always our last conversation each night as we made sure our bags were packed and beside the door in case the call came. I was working in my calendar today and started thinking about how much has happened since we arrived in Durham. Something- or Someone- made me count the number of days from our arrival here to her transplant. 65

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