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Libby amazes us everyday with her strength and perseverance. It has been less than two days, and she is talking, BREATHING, laughing, and smiling. Libby even walked today more than once. She is a fighter and nothing can keep her spirits down. Libby has been on oxygen for months now, but today she breathes on her own with the help of her new lungs. Libby has had many friends and family with her on this journey. So many of those friends and family made the trip to see her and to support her family during the transplant surgery. Libby has greeted her visitors with her contagious smile! Libby makes the best of any situation, and is always humble. So many people love her and are continuing to pray for a successful recovery. For now, Libby smiles big, BREATHES easy, and faces each day with the motto of, "Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath." Psalms 116:2 

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