One Month Post Transplant Pulmonary Clinic ‪#blessed‬


One Month Post Transplant Pulmonary Clinic ‪#blessed‬


I guess I never really grew out of being held by my momma, but that's quite alright by me. This Mother's Day is so special for us. She told me that me making it through my transplant and having a second chance at life was the best gift she could have ever received.
While I was in the hospital I had 6 chest tubes and 2 drains running out on both sides of my chest. Because of them my momma wasn't able to lay with me like she always does. It may sound silly, but we missed each other. She would pull her bed as close to mine as she could and we would fall asleep holding hands. The day I finally got all my tubes and drains out she hopped in bed to hold her baby! I finally felt whole again


Libby got her hair shampooed yesterday, and today she walked 25 laps.  CONGRATULATIONS LIBBY!!

65 Roses - A Sweet Story by Libby's Mom



April 21st Update

Laurel posted the following after speaking with Libby's mother.

Libby has had a busy day. The surgeon approved the removal of two of the chest tubes which will hopefully help with some of the pain. She had a bronchoscopy to evaluate her new lungs and is sleepy from the sedation. Thankful for each blessing, each step towards recovery, no matter how small.
We are so blessed.

Keep the prayers coming.


   Libby's family and the COTA team and volunteers don't even no where to begin in saying THANKS for your donations.  Libby's mother texted me last night and said "this is insane--I can't believe it".  They are so filled with gratitude.  Hopefully, in the months to come, we can triple our initial goal.

   Once again, thank you to everyone for your donations and most of all your prayers.  To God be the glory!

Third Day After Surgery

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13

I just spoke to Susan and she says Libby is in an excruciating amount of pain. The doctors explained that it is due to the chest tubes behind her new lungs and is worse than normal because of her small size. Another family is dealing with a huge amount of pain today as well, as they grieve the loss of their loved one. The donor family is adjusting to their "new normal" while Libby learns to do the same. Please pray earnestly for Libby and for those who were selfless enough to help save her life.


Libby amazes us everyday with her strength and perseverance. It has been less than two days, and she is talking, BREATHING, laughing, and smiling. Libby even walked today more than once. She is a fighter and nothing can keep her spirits down. Libby has been on oxygen for months now, but today she breathes on her own with the help of her new lungs. Libby has had many friends and family with her on this journey. So many of those friends and family made the trip to see her and to support her family during the transplant surgery. Libby has greeted her visitors with her contagious smile! Libby makes the best of any situation, and is always humble. So many people love her and are continuing to pray for a successful recovery. For now, Libby smiles big, BREATHES easy, and faces each day with the motto of, "Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath." Psalms 116:2 

Libby is Getting Lungs

I am in North Carolina and woke up to a text from Susan that Libby got the call. I prayed on my trip here that the lungs would come today because her condition was worsening. God is good. She went to surgery at 11:41 and they made the first incision at 1:35. Please pray for Libby and everyone involved in this surgery. Also, pray for the family whose loved one lost their life.

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