At 6:00am Sunday, April 17th, Libby received a call from Duke's transplant team that she would receive a life saving double lung transplant. After months of waiting, Libby underwent a six hour surgery, and is now breathing, talking, and laughing with her two new lungs. Libby's first words after breathing on her own were,"It feels good." Now Libby's journey has transformed from pre transplant to post transplant. As she recovers and grows stronger, Libby must still remain in Durham, North Carolina for post transplant treatment. Her post transplant stay could be as long as a year and a half. We are thrilled and very blessed that Libby has received her lungs, but her journey continues and we still ask for prayers and support for not only Libby, but also the brave family of the precious donor. As Libby presses forward, the COTA campaign for Libby H will press forward as well. Libby's family is still faced with many post transplant expenses. With this being said, we are very thankful for all of your support thus far. Our main goal is to support Libby, and her family through our fundraising efforts. Please visit our activities and events tab to keep up with the most recent fundraisers. 




Elizabeth Scott Hankins, Libby, is a 22 year old native of Gordo, Alabama.  At the age of 2, Libby was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF).  Since that time, she has been hospitalized numerous times and has undergone 23 surgeries.  Her daily life and daily routines aren't like that of the typical 22 year old.  Her day consists of breathing treatments, physical therapy, home IV's, picc lines, feeding tubes, and lots of medication.  However, none of this has slowed this young lady down or caused her to give up.  In the 7th grade, she became a cheerleader at Gordo High School and cheered all through high school.  Cheering proved to be good PT for her, as it helped to keep her lungs strong.  When it came time to think about college, most everyone assumed she would live at home and commute because she had so many medical responsibilities.  She convinced her parents that she was able to move to the campus of the University of West Alabama and tryout for cheerleader.  She not only made cheerleader but assumed many other responsibilities while at UWA--ambassador and Phi Mu to name two.  This past year, she was captain of the cheer squad.  Libby was, also, homecoming queen at GHS and UWA.  She has a smile that would brighten the darkest room and is very caring and compassionate.  Those who have seen her go through all she has been faced with and witnessed her fighting spirit are often amazed and have learned to respect her and what she represents.

With the cost of a transplant often exceeding $500,000, many transplant families are unable to shoulder the financial burden of such a procedure.  The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is a national charity dedicated to organizing and guiding communities in raising funds for transplant-related expenses.  In Gordo and all over Alabama volunteers are raising funds for COTA in honor of transplant patients Libby Hankins

The doctors at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, have done a life-saving double lung transplant.  An estimated $50,000 is being raised by volunteers.  Our hope is that many more are going to help us in our fundraising efforts in honor of transplant patients like Libby.

Visit facebook group page #LungsforLibby to see pictures and keep up with her during this journey for new lungs.